The Adventure of Defining Germanic Polytheism

Written by Dyami Millarson

This site is about the adventure that is defining Germanic polytheism. This site, which contains my musing about the definition of Germanic folk religion, is a philosophical quest.

If one wishes to understand Germanic polytheism, one has to investigate it; and to investigate it, one has to seek a definition of Germanic polytheism.

I enjoy the journey of seeking a definition for Germanic polytheism all the way; this will be a long journey because there are many aspects that we will have to consider.

No matter what we talk about on this site, the purpose is nevertheless to find out what Germanic polytheism means; this is an essential question for both beginner and advanced student of Germanic polytheism.

Basically, this site is based on a philosophical question regarding a basic definition; and this question leads to a lifelong quest that has to be embraced.

Embracing this quest makes one a philosopher; and as a philosopher seeking the truth behind the definition of Northwestern European folk religion, I am an eternal disciple of Germanic polytheism.

In order to be a teacher, one has to be a good student; and if one wishes to teach others about Northwestern European folk religion, one has to study it oneself first.

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