Large Wild Animals in the Germanic World

Written by Dyami Millarson

Large wild animals were an intrinsic part of the nature scenes that influenced Germanic religion. So what were/are the large animals in the Germanic world? Based on the Old Norse vocabulary inherited from Germanic, the large wild animals that belonged to the scenery of the Germanic natural world were: björn (bear), svanr or álpt (swan), ulfr (wolf), ylgr (she-wolf), refr (fox), fúa/fóa (she-fox), storkr (stork), ormr (snake), hjörtr or (deer), elgr (elk), ari or örn (eagle), svín (boar). Since we can now form an image of the Germanic natural world in our minds, we can better visualise and comprehend the symbolism of Germanic nature religion.

Published by Operation X

Operation X is a team of innovative language learners who wish to save, promote and study indigenous languages, integrate culturally and linguistically and philosophically with the respective language communities and earn community membership through hard work aimed at adopting and respecting the existing linguistic, cultural and philosophical norms of each community, and finally make each language thus acquired one of the official languages of the non-profit "Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives." The languages that our non-profit Foundation officially recognises include (but are not limited to) Klaaifrysk, Wâldfrysk, Aasters, Westers, Eilaunders, Hielepes, Mòlkòrres, Seeltersk, Wangerōgersc, Harlingerland Frisian, Wursten Frisian, Upgant Frisian, Hâtstinge frêsh, Brêkleme frêsh, Trölstruper Freesch, Hoolmer Freesch, Hoorninger Fräisch, Bêrgeme frêsh, Halifreesk, Ingsbüllinge frėsh, Risemer Frasch, Naischöspeler Freesk, Hoorblinger Freesk, Halunder, Amring, Aasdring, Weesdring, Söl'ring, Hogelandster Grunnegers, Oostfreesk, and övdalsk.

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