Sources of Gothic Folk Religion

Written by Dyami Millarson

The following are important sources for our knowledge of Gothic paganism:

  • Sabbas the Goth whose story has been described by Epiphanius where the Gothic ritual consumption of sacrificial meat is mentioned;
    • Likewise, Nicetas the Goth (see page 86 of Ulfilas: Apostle of the Goths) whose deeds (known as Actae Nicetae) have been commemorated in Acta Sanctorum where sacrifice to the Gothic Deities is mentioned;
  • Ammianus who wrote about Roman history mentioning the Goths and their custom of shouting praises of the ancestors before going into battle;
  • Jordanes who wrote a Gothic history and mentioned the Ansī who are Gothic ancestors, the Amalī who are an Ostrogothic sacral dynasty, and the Balt(h)ī who are a Visigothic sacral dynasty.
  • Terminology pertaining to the supernatural in the Gothic language itself, such as wīhs priest, Guþ God, unhulþīns bad spirit, hailags holy.

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