Comprehending Germanic Polytheism Requires Detective Work

Written by Dyami Millarson

In order to understand the essence of Germanic polytheism, detective work is required: one has to find leads.

Much of the information about Germanic paganism is based on regurgitation (repetition of information without analysis).

I wish more information about Germanic religion wete truly original. More input from human creativity would actually get us somewhere.

There are many leads to follow. To solve the mysteries of the Germanic religion case, the imaginative power of the human mind is needed.

Not just creativity and imagination are needed, but also empathy. If we can empathise with our subjects, namely the practitioners of Germanic religion, we can get closer to the essence of their practice. An empathic look is vital.

A good detective can place himself in the shoes of whoever he is investigating. He also has imaginative and creative powers that help him solve complex mysteries.

In conclusion, being a good Germanic polytheism researcher requires one to be a good Germanic religion detective, which means that one needs to be good at finding leads and once those leads have been found, one needs to folloe those leads using creativity, imagination, and empathy.

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