How Does Gothic Paganism Work?

Written by Dyami Millarson

I published an article on the sources of Gothic paganism in 2022. The current article is a follow-up on the topic of Gothic paganism.

What does Gothic religion look like?

The three precepts of Gothic religion are:

  1. Find a sacred location
  2. Perform a blood sacrifice
  3. Invoke Gods with Their names

Sacred locations, blood sacrifices, and the Gods are the three key ingredients without which the recipe of Gothic paganism cannot be complete. These three parts constitute a sacred whole.

The three vital elements may be thus explained:

  • The Germanic Gods are magical beings. Therefore, they can inhabit any body of nature (see here). If a Goth comes across a supernatural place, he has found a divine body, to which he can sacrifice.
  • Blood sacrifices are magical rites that the Goths perform for their Gods. A blood sacrifice is the ritualisation of slaughter, which is necessary for the survival of Gothic people and Gods as both rely on eating meat, which is a rich source of nutrients.
  • The Gothic Gods are name-bearing sacred/supernatural beings. Thus, the Gothic Gods are not nameless. Instead, they go by many names among the sons of men. The point is that man gives many personal names to the sacred, the supernatural.

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