Mission Statement

Written by Dyami Millarson

Synopsis: — The purpose of the website Viking Religion is the study of Germanic paleopaganism in the wider context of the study of Frisian and related, i.e. Germanic, languages ans cultures.

This blog, which is managed by Foundation Operation X for languages, cultures and perspectives, is aimed at seeking to understand and sympathise with the ancient philosophy of the early Germanic-speaking Northwestern Europeans. As we are trying to make sense of Germanic religion, we seek to integrate topics ranging from rites to entities into one coherent whole that would have made sense from the perspective of the traditional Germanic practitioners.

While I am interested in the rediscovery of the magico-religious roots or origins that are intrinsic to the family of Frisian languages and cultures and therefore an inevitable reality and inescapable enrichment of my Frisian studies aimed at understanding the diverse host of existing Frisian languages and cultures, I consider myself a student of Northwestern European or Germanic folk religion, traditional religion, indigenous religion, native religion, spontaneous religion, nature religion, paganism, polytheism, animism, shamanism or universism. At the dawn of the Frisian languages and cultures, there was a magical world of magicians, spirits and deities; and understanding this magical world may help with achieving a fuller comprehension of the underlying philosophy, the magical-religious assumptions of the aforementioned magical world, that is inherent to the codified concepts of the Frisian languages and cultures; the magical world, that the Frisians once believed in, is encoded into their language and culture. As I wish to understand the present, I cannot escape the need to understand the past, because there are many linguistic and cultural phenomena that originate from a deeply misunderstood, distant past shrouded in magical enigmas and spiritual mysteries that evade our modern minds. For this reason, it is my aim to seek a good working definition of Northwestern European folk religion and to expand my philosophical understanding of Northwestern European folk religion. I want to get a good grasp of the basic tenets of Germanic magico-religious philosophy or theology. For this purpose, I am trying to identify religions that are like Northwestern European folk religion and I am trying to identify what aspects of those religions are like Northwestern European folk religion. In doing so, I hope to get a better understanding of Northwestern European folk religion. I am convinced that the comparison of similar magico-religious systems may offer me a better insight into the structure of ancient Germanic religion.