What Does Germanic Tree Veneration Look Like?

Written by Dyami Millarson If one assumes the ancestral role of the Germanic polytheist who worships trees as Gods, how does one behave towards trees? Tree worship in the Germanic context means the bringing of blood offerings (blóts) to trees; for Germanic worship always means ‘blóting/sacrificing to something’. Germanic polytheism involves nature worship. This mayContinue reading “What Does Germanic Tree Veneration Look Like?”

A First Outline of Germanic Religion With Frisian Characteristics

Written by Dyami Millarson In this article, which may be regarded as a tentative religious treatise, I will treat Germanic religion as an uncountable concept just like one may treat Germanic polytheism as uncountable. Therefore, I will view the Frisian strain of Germanic religion as Germanic religion with Frisian characteristics. What is Germanic religion orContinue reading “A First Outline of Germanic Religion With Frisian Characteristics”