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Germanic Cultural Religion

The Germanic peoples practised a cultural religion, where culture and religion were blended. While we have established this, we should immediately ask: what were their priorities from the perspective of their cultural-religious worldview?

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On the Definition of Germanic Theology

Written by Dyami Millarson Germanic theology is the study of Germanic divine matters. Germanic historical theology is the study of historical sources concerning Germanic divine matters. Germanic systematic theology is the study of principles or patterns relating to the Germanic divine matters. Germanic practical theology is the study of practices related to the divine matters.Continue reading “On the Definition of Germanic Theology”

Comprehending Germanic Polytheism Requires Detective Work

Written by Dyami Millarson In order to understand the essence of Germanic polytheism, detective work is required: one has to find leads. Much of the information about Germanic paganism is based on regurgitation (repetition of information without analysis). I wish more information about Germanic religion wete truly original. More input from human creativity would actuallyContinue reading “Comprehending Germanic Polytheism Requires Detective Work”

A Tentative List of Systems of Religion Applicable to Germanic Religion

Written by Dyami Millarson I have previously discussed how systems of religion may be defined in universal ways despite their particular origins (e.g. Roman, Greek, and so on) and may then again be defined in a particularly Germanic way such that they are useful for understanding Germanic religion (see my article on universal and particularContinue reading “A Tentative List of Systems of Religion Applicable to Germanic Religion”


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