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Germanic Cultural Religion

The Germanic peoples practised a cultural religion, where culture and religion were blended. While we have established this, we should immediately ask: what were their priorities from the perspective of their cultural-religious worldview?

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Interpreting Religions Through the Lens of Germanic Polytheism Is an Art

Written by Dyami Millarson This encyclopedia defines worldview as follows: “World view is one of a number of concepts in cultural anthropology used in the holistic characterization and comparison of cultures. It deals with the sum of ideas which an individual within a group and/or that group have of the universe in and around them.”…

Description of Ostyak or Khanty Folk Religion

Written by Dyami Millarson I first learned about the Ostyaks/Ostiaks from Mircea Elade’s monumental work on shamanism and volume IV of The Mythology of All Races. The Khanty or Ostyaks (formerly spelled Ostiaks) live traditionally in the central part of the West Siberian plain, a region once known as Yugra and nowadays as the Khanty-Mansi…

Village Gods: Wooden Figures at the Village Boundaries

Written by Dyami Millarson On pages 32-33 of Mission to the Volga (2017) translated by James E. Montgomery, we find the following passage with regard to what are presumably the Volga Vikings or a similar group: They disembark as soon as their boats dock. Each carries bread, meat, onions, milk, and alcohol to a large…


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